One of the best ways to capture potential clients’ eyes when marketing your business is through outdoor signs. The most popular options are storefront signs, pylon signs, monument signs, channel letters, and dimensional letters. All types of signage are entirely customizable and have lit or non-lit options depending on your business needs. 

Whether it be with the help of a sign expert or not, choosing the best types of signage for your business is a fun and creative task, as this will attract clients. While some sign types can be optional, storefront signs are an integral part of any business because they communicate with the public the kind of business at a particular location. Here is the ultimate guide on the different types of signage and the costs associated with each type. 

Factors That Influence A Signs Cost

One of the main questions that always arise during a client meeting or call is, “how much do you think the sign will cost?” Although it may seem like an easy question at first, many factors contribute to a sign’s cost. The main factors influencing a sign’s cost are size, materials needed, and whether it needs custom vinyl or paint. Outdoor signs such as storefronts, monuments, and pylon signs can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the project size. These same factors also apply to interior signs, but they are generally cheaper due to fewer moving parts during fabrication. 


Costs of Different Types of Storefront Signs

 The storefront signs family consists of 2 main signs: channel letters and non-lit letters. Within the channel letter family are four main types: front-lit, halo-lit, front and back-lit, and trimless channel letters. Regarding price comparison among the different types of channel letters, front and back-lit letters tend to be the most expensive, followed by halo-lit, trimless, and finally, front-lit. 

Choosing the right storefront sign can be difficult sometimes, so knowing what you want your sign to achieve is essential. Most retail tenants or owners opt to use channel letter signs due to their illumination features that can be seen throughout the night. Business owners operating in warehouses may choose to use non-lit signs due to their lack of visibility from a road or highway. Non-lit signs are almost always more cost-efficient when choosing a storefront sign, but they may lack the same durability features seen in channel letter signs. If you’re still unsure about the type of storefront sign you need, contact us, and one of our sign experts can help you choose the sign that fits your business’ needs and budget.