Storefront Signs

Genius Signs offers an infinite variety of custom storefront signs and many other store sign designs. We produce signs with bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic, and much more. Utilizing cutting-edge design and manufacturing techniques, we can create a masterpiece for your storefront that will make a powerful statement to your clients. 

About this Process

If you are a business owner, depending on your location, you may have some odds stacked against you. Suppose you are tucked away from the street in a plaza or down a side street. It may be more difficult to attract potential customers who are not already seeking your business out. Signage becomes extremely important when you are not directly street side. Even if you are street side, signage is still very important because it can have such a strong pull on potential customers.

Related Products

Channel Letters

Channel letters are the metal and plastic letters you see on store signage. They’re used on public and commercial buildings and are usually internally illuminated.

Reverse Channel Letters

Often called “halo” or “backlit” letters, reverse-lit channel letter signs are mounted away from the wall, causing the light to form a halo effect behind the sign.

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