Almost every business owner either has a storefront sign or a sign outside their location that communicates their brand with the outside world. Although these signs are made to last, maintenance and repair will always be necessary after years of wind, sun, and other environmental wear. All sign maintenance isn’t equal, and each business owner can have a different type of need depending on their sign’s age and quality. Maintenance and repair services range from cleaning to LED replacements to full-service packages for your existing signs. A professional sign repair company can help you figure out the best solution for your business.

When It’s Time to Repair an Electric Sign 

When it comes to having an LED sign, keeping it working should be an integral part of your marketing strategy because it’s the initial reason you decided to purchase a sign that illuminates. Electrical repair uses include flickering, partially lit, or complete light outages. Another notable reason to consider repairing your sign is if the faces of the sign have faded or cracked. 

Types of Electric Sign Repair

The two main reasons for the illumination failure of an LED sign are either the LED lights have burnt out (most have a 3-5 year lifespan), or the transformers/ballasts have burnt out. While these may not be the only reasons for electrical failure, a sign expert can help point out the source of the problem. Apart from the electric side of the signage, acrylic or aluminum face replacements are a popular option for business owners who have had their signage for many years. 

Existing Bulb, Neon, or LED Replacement

Most light repairs fall into the category of simply replacing the existing lights. In today’s sign industry, the majority of illumination comes from LED lights. Replacing existing LED lights is typically accompanied by a transformer replacement to ensure no burnouts in the near future. Although neon light replacements are a service, we advise those with neon lights to convert to LED lights. 

Neon to LED Lights Conversion

In the past, most illuminated signs were made using neon lights or bulbs. Although those were the best options at the time, LED lights have taken over the sign industry due to their low energy consumption, brighter illumination, and longer lifespan. When a business owner’s neon sign stops illuminating, it’s almost always the best choice to replace the existing 

neon lights with LED lights. This service is referred to as a “retrofit” and is an increasingly requested service due to the better capabilities of LED lights. 

Transformer & Ballast Replacement 

During a survey of the existing signage, transformer burnout or malfunction is 1 of 2 main reasons for electrical failure. A transformer is a machine that transfers electricity from one circuit (your main power supply) to another circuit(your signage). Most LED lights outlive the transformers installed, so it’s familiar to only need a transformer replacement. 

Replacement of Damaged Wiring

When analyzing the source of causation for electrical failure, damaged wiring is among the top 3 reasons. The majority of damaged wiring problems come from the result of poor wiring during the initial installation of the sign. Although all signs try to keep water out, none of them can fully guarantee to keep all of it out. This becomes a problem over time as the poor wiring job continually gets exposed to the outside elements, resulting in damaged wiring. Replacing damaged wiring is a simple yet tedious task, as a false connection can result in the signage not turning on after complete replacement. 

Acrylic or Aluminum Face Replacement for Broken or Old Signage

Throughout the lifespan of your sign, environmental factors damage the exterior of your sign slowly but surely. Fading acrylic or aluminum faces are typical for older signs, especially those exposed to harsh UV indexes throughout the year. Face replacement adapts to your existing sign, so the outer structure remains untouched. This type of replacement is fully customizable to any color, shape, or form needed for your sign to ensure uniformity. 

Sign Cleaning

Keeping your signage clean and presentable not only helps with advertising but the longevity of the sign itself. While many think a dirty sign is only an exterior problem, dirt, leaves, and insects can start to accumulate within the sign, which can create electrical problems. Sign cleaning services require an experienced professional to ensure that the wiring and transformers remain connected.

Is It Time to Repair Your LED Sign? 

Keeping up with proper sign maintenance is an essential step to preventing any future problems with your signage. Contacting a sign company well-versed in the different repair and maintenance options is critical to keeping your sign working correctly and looking the best possible. If you’re unsure about what services you need, contact us, and one of our sign experts will help you figure out the best service options for your business.