Pylon Signs

What are Pylon Signs?

Standalone pylon signs, or also referred to as pole signs are one of the most successful ways to attract the attention of clients and ongoing traffic. Due to pylon signs being freestanding, it immediately boosts your business’ visibility above all others. Pylon signs are most commonly illuminated to capitalize on potential customers in the nighttime, but we can also fabricate non-illuminated pylon signs. Here at Genius Signs, we use the most advanced methods in sign making to create a durable and eye-catching pylon sign. Genius Signs also works with our clients to find the ideal place of installation for the pylon sign to ensure the most range of vision for all cars passing by. Although we typically manufacture pylon signs with full body aluminum and acrylics faces, we can create fully custom pylon signs made of complete aluminum. Pylon signs are without a doubt a very popular option for a business owner who wants maximum visibility and durability in a sign.

About Pylon Signs

For the best return on investment, our Illuminated Pylon Signs are highly beneficial to attract new customers to your storefront. These include either a translucent interchangeable face or attached channel letter signage. Pylon signs can easily extend from a basic front-lit cabinet sign all the way to a brilliant LED or even neon illumination and LED message board. The results of the addition of light to your Pylon Sign will attract more traffic to your business which ultimately will boost your business’s sales. This attractive feature alone makes this one of the best investments your storefront needs.

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