Signage has been used throughout centuries to portray effective messages for events, businesses, hospitals, churches, and more. In this day and age, marquee signs have become an integral part in a business’ success as it attracts customers passing by your location and while they are at your location. As businesses continue to spend more time and focus on their brand image, the increasing popularity of marquee signs has followed in the form of storefront signs, monument signs, pylon signs, lobby signs, and more. Genius Signs has curated an easy method to request and purchase custom marquee signs for all our clients and we’re going to go over some key information for you to use on your next marquee sign purchase.

What Message Are You Wanting To Portray?

The most important feature of a marquee sign is the message being portrayed. This varies for each client, but the most common message is the name and services of a business. Marquee signs can have a wide variety of sizes, which allows our clients brand imaging to be reflected in any shape or form. Apart from the business name itself, many clients tend to place certain “keywords” of their business on their signage as well. For example, one of our clients “Sammy’s Muay Thai” purchased channel letter signs from us and wanted to ensure that people would know the type of gym he had. While many fight fans may know what Muay Thai is, a large percentage of the population does not. Instead, Sammy decided to make the first line of his sign letters to read out “KICKBOXING” with “Sammy’s Muay Thai” in smaller text below. The word kickboxing allows cars passing by to grasp a quick and general idea of the type of business Sammy is running. This is extremely vital when choosing what to place on your sign, as you don’t want to overload it with information that can take too long to read and process. When creating your brand image, clarity and straightforwardness should be at the top of your list. This allows you to maximize your sign’s use and create a great return on investment. The most common trends in information for a marquee sign include: the business name, business services, and contact information. Since marquee signs come in many different forms as specified earlier, Genius Signs will help you develop a strong business sign plan to express all the information needed to bring customers to your location. 

Is Including Time Sensitive Information Necessary? 

Time sensitive information is important when your potential customer is looking at your marquee sign, but it greatly depends on your use for your sign. If you’re wanting to create a banner that announces that your business is now open, time sensitive information wouldn’t be ideal as it would take away from the most important message. Compare that to a sale or event promotion that may only last a week, time sensitive information would be essential to advise your customers that it’s only temporary. There are other use cases for time sensitive information such as business hours and “by appointment only”. The grand majority of our clients always display their contact and business hours information through vinyl on their doors or windows, which allows an easy way for a potential customer to contact them. The flexibility in pricing and quick turnaround of marquee signs allows our clients to bring their ideas to life as soon as possible. 


Uniformity in Your Design Matters

When creating a business sign plan, uniformity across all your marquee signs is a key factor. Nobody wants their brand or logo to look any different from sign to sign, as it can create a disorganized look for the business. Uniformity across your brand doesn’t just deal with signage, but on your website, business cards, merchandise or anything else you may be selling. Creating a strong brand image has shown to become free advertising as you grow in popularity. For example, Starbucks is a globally known brand that almost anybody can recognize. From the launch of their business, they have invested in uniformity across all their stores so it’s easily recognizable whether you’re in Houston or London. Most companies tend to use 1-3 colors for their brand color scheme that coordinate with each other to create a nice contrasting look. Although more colors can be used, we highly recommend that the colors contrast with each other to not look overdone. Another key feature when developing your brand or logo is the font being used. While some fonts may seem fancy, readability and legibility should be one of your main focuses when creating a brand image. Overall, creating a strong brand identity will rely heavily on the color scheme and font being used. 


Invest in High-Quality Services

Marquee signs vary greatly in pricing, whether it be a simple banner or 30 foot pylon sign, quality is of the essence. Investing in a marquee sign can be a big decision, which is why settling for the cheaper option may not always bring the best results in quality and longevity. Different signage will require different manufacturing techniques and specialties, so researching and choosing the right company for your job is vital. All sign projects should always come with a 100% guarantee satisfaction and bigger projects will always tend to have a warranty in place for parts and labor.


Choosing what type of marquee sign you need and the company to produce it will play a big role in your business’ advertisement. The uniformity of your brand and design process that goes into your brand identity will also reflect greatly on the business as it will either attract customers or sway them away from your business. Investing in an asset such as a marquee sign can be stressful for clients, so ensure you’re choosing a company that will portray your image effectively and help you throughout the entire sign process. If you’re unsure on which sign works best for you, contact us and we will be happy to help you. Our team has over 15 years of experience and we will work with your requests and budget to create the best marquee sign possible for your company.