Is an LED sign worth it? It’s a general question we hear from potential customers when choosing between a lit or non-lit storefront sign. For the majority of business owners, the answer is yes. The most notable advantages of LED signs are visibility and communication with people about the type of business you have, day or night. LED signs can also attract potential clients who may have never heard of your business when passing by your location. Although it may seem like a significant upfront investment, LED signs can generate a great return on investment throughout their lifespan. 

What makes an LED Sign Unique?

Precise manufacturing techniques allow for the complete customization of an LED sign. Customization allows every LED sign to be unique to the business ordering it. Color-changing or text-changing LED billboards can also help communicate custom messages to the public. New technology advancements allow LED signs to be any size, contributing to a growth in popularity among interior LED signs. Common sign types that use LED lights include:

  • Channel Letter Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Cabinet Signs
  • Interior Signs
  • Monument Signs

Cost Benefit Analysis of LED Signs

A major deciding factor for people between an LED and a non-lit business sign is longevity. All LED signs use aluminum for their structure, while most non-lit signs are acrylic or PVC. Although non-lit signs can also be aluminum, this drives up the price and makes it worth purchasing an LED sign. For business owners with neon light signage, inquiring about a retrofit service may be beneficial due to the better qualities of LED lights. 

Outdoor LED or electronic billboards are a front-runner regarding sign requests. LED billboards are a significant investment compared to other LED signs, but having a text-changing sign allows the business to display current promotions, events, and more timely content. The ability to change text and colors enables the company to reduce the need for banners, flags, and yard signs. 

The University of Cincinnati surveyed 100,000 American households and found that more people are likely to visit a store or business depending on the quality of the signage. The Small Business Administration(SBA) also cited that LED signs are the least costly form of advertising and can increase business by up to 150%. 

*Cost-benefit analysis for the same size signage

** LED Signage has maintenance every five years or so due to LED light or transformer burnout

LED Sign

Non-Lit Sign

Visible from 200 Yards Away?

Check Mark


Visible At Night?

Check Mark


Changing Colors or Text?

Check Mark



10+ Years

<7 Years for standard acrylic or PVC


Lit signage continues to advance, and LED signs have paved the way for the future in illuminated signage. Social media continues to be a game changer in marketing, with many business owners showcasing their signage on their accounts. Investing in an LED sign is an excellent option for many business owners because it’s a form of advertising that you only pay for once. A one-time cost creates a limitless return on investment compared to recurring monthly advertisement costs. 

If you’re unsure about the type of LED signage right for your business, contact us, and one of our sign experts will help you make the best choice within your needs and budget.