Opening a new business or location comes with many different tasks. One of the biggest questions you may ask yourself is, “what do I want my clients to see as they’re approaching my business and once they’re in my location”?  Investing in business signage is integral to any business’s marketing plan and brand identity as it can attract potential customers and showcase your business name and logo. Purchasing business signage is considered a long-term investment and permanent asset since there are no additional fees once you’ve purchased the signage, compared to a recurring advertisement service. Choosing the correct type of signage has been proven to bring a strong return on investment (ROI) for many businesses and will continue for years. 


How Much Do Business Signs Cost?

Business sign pricing has many contributing factors to its cost, such as sign type and size. There are a wide variety of signage options to choose from, but most people tend to start from the exterior. Storefront signs such as channel letter signs and non-lit signs are excellent options for any business owner as it communicates your business’ name and can be seen from afar. Other exterior signs that many new business owners opt to use are monument signs or pylon signs, which are placed near the street to attract ongoing traffic day or night. Interior signs such as lobby signs and wall decals are becoming increasingly popular due to their use as decorations within a business. They can also provide directions in a store or business through wayfinding signs. All these types of signage have different price ranges, but they are ultimately long-term investments for you to use in your years in business. 

Why a Quality Sign Matters

A sign reflects directly with the business, as it creates a first impression with the potential client. For most things in this world, attraction can bring wanted or unwarranted attention. Investing in a high-quality, attractive sign is essential to reel in new customers. When choosing between two companies without any background information, the attractiveness of the sign can be a significant deciding factor in which business the client decides to visit. A quality sign also allows your business’ logo and font to maximize your brand and identity. For businesses with more than one location, acquiring all your signage from the same company is essential to keep uniformity across all sites.

Capturing Moving Clientele

The United States continues to rely heavily on automobiles to get around, giving outdoor signs a place to shine. The average vehicle is driven for 540 hours per year per driver, multiplied by thousands of drivers passing by each day, which is a ton of new potential business. While online marketing can increase sales, business signs continue to be a top reason for clients learning about a company. In a two-year survey conducted by the SBA, 2,475 customers from 165 different small businesses asked how the client knew about their business. A whopping 50% of clients answered that the business’ signage was the reason.  


Attracting Potential Clients in Traffic

The biggest reason for purchasing an outdoor sign is to showcase your business to the world. Signage continues to be a critical sales component for almost all industries, and attracting potential clients in traffic is a giant funnel for increased sales. The Institute of Transportation Engineers published a report that estimates unexpected or unplanned stops to be between twenty and forty-five percent of traffic for many businesses.

Times Are Changing 

 When comparing marketing tactics from the past, digital marketing has paved a new way to bring customers to your business. The sign industry is no different, as the industry is expected to grow to $153.75 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 7%, per The Business Research Company.

More and more business owners are investing in higher-quality signage that illuminates, such as channel letter signs, monument signs, and pylon signs. Interior signs have grown with social media as marketing teams display their lobby signs and wall decals to create new content on their accounts. 

Key Takeaways 

Choosing whether to invest in a business sign can be difficult, but the changing advertising world has gotten to the point where it is almost considered a necessity to have one. Besides being a fixed asset, business signs allow you to portray your business’ image in its entirety for the public to see. Within the current trends, signage will only continue to play a more vital role in a business as more owners choose to use multiple forms of signage for advertising. The variety of signage can be overwhelming, so choosing a company that will provide the best guidance on which types of signage to invest in, given your budget is essential.