One of the most significant benefits of having an electronic sign is the ability to change the content whenever you want. With a control panel, you can send new information to the signage and change the text, image, or video you want to display to your clients. These features are native to LED billboard signs, but there are other types of LED signs, such as channel letter signs, pylon signs, and monument signs that illuminate through the night. Visibility from a distance is a crucial concern for many business owners, and LED signs can solve all those problems day or night. 

What Are Electric Signs?

An electric or LED sign can fall under two categories: changing text and image or non-changing text or image. An LED sign is a type of sign that uses LED lights for illumination purposes. LEDs can last five or more years, making this a cost-effective option for many business owners. The changing text and image category consists of LED billboard signs mounted on top of monument or pylon signs. The non-changing text or image category includes channel letter signs and some pylon or monument sign variants. 

 #1 Pylon Sign

A non-lit pylon sign is unheard of today because its sole purpose is visibility at night and from afar. When purchasing a pylon sign, you can have a lit cabinet only, an LED billboard, or a cabinet with an LED billboard mounted onto the structure. The term cabinet refers to the square or rectangular frame that typically houses multiple tenants with LED lights. Pylon signs with cabinet and LED billboards are popular options among car dealerships, concert venues, churches, and large retailers. The cabinet-only pylon signs are popular with multi-tenant retailers, business parks, and office warehouses. 


The most significant difference between pylon and monument electronic signs is the sign’s placement. Pylon signs are mostly found on feeder roads or highways due to their height, while monument signs stick lower to the ground. 

#2 Monument Sign

While monument signs have a few differences compared to pylon signs, their use cases are almost identical. The most common electronic monument sign requested is for churches or schools. Both schools and churches have revolving events, dates, information, and promotions making it ideal for an LED billboard. Multi-tenant shopping centers almost always require signage to display their existing tenants, making a monument sign with a cabinet perfect for their use case. 

#3 Storefront Signs

For many business owners, the visibility of their storefront sign at night is vital for their marketing strategy. Channel letter signs excel for this type of use case due to their LED illumination features. Although channel letter signs can’t change their text or image, LED lights that change colors are an option. Changing colors allows the business owner’s creativity to flow to create new color patterns that can change simultaneously throughout the night. 

#4 Highlight Upcoming Events or Promotions

LED billboard signs have a significant advantage over all other types of signs because they can change their text or image at the click of a button. This feature reduces the need for yard signs, banners, or flags to communicate your business’ key dates or promotions. Concert and sports venue owners highly request this sign due to the consistent change of events. 

#5 Promote Social Media Pages

In this new era of social media, there has been no shortage of publicizing social accounts on LED billboards. One of the best ways to get new followers and engagement to your page is by promoting your social handles on your LED billboard. It’s easy and creates more return on investment for your sign. 

#6 Raising Awareness for Current Events or Charities

Although raising awareness for current events or charities isn’t part of a profit strategy, occasionally adding these messages can help drive more people to know more about a particular charity or recent event happening worldwide. Remember, the greater good is always bigger than business!

There are endless possibilities of what to put on your LED billboard sign, and new technology has made it easier than ever. If you’re interested in purchasing an LED billboard sign, contact us to see what we can do for your business.