During the planning process of opening your new or existing business, there are many factors to consider, whether it be decoration, site layout, or new construction. One of the most integral parts of the process is choosing what type of signage you need for your business. For most owners, storefront signs are at the top of the list as they indicate your business’ name at your location. While almost every business owner knows they need a storefront sign, the main question that arises is what type of storefront sign best suits your business needs. Your storefront signage should be able to clearly communicate your brand and identity, as this is what will attract potential clients passing by your business. Today I’ll be going over the different storefront signs and where every kind of signage thrives the most.

Type of Storefront Signs

While there are a handful of similarities and differences between the types of storefront signs, all kinds of signage are 100% fully customizable to any shape, form, or color required to portray your brand correctly. When leasing out a new location, landlords will typically provide sign requirements or specifications within your lease. This is extremely useful when inquiring about signage as it gives the sign company the details to help you choose the best type of storefront signage for your business. Selecting the correct type of storefront signage is vital for building owners as your new and future tenants will use this type of sign for their suites.

Channel Letter Signs

Due to their durability, channel letter signs are among business owners’ most popular types of storefront signage. All channel letters are made of whole aluminum bodies and backings to ensure longevity and use high-quality LED lights to capture the eyes of potential clients throughout the night. Channel letter signs are a must if your business is along a road or within a retail space.

  • Sports Venues
  • Retail Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Places of worship
  • Neighborhood entrances


Within the channel letter family, there are multiple types of different channel letters including:

  • Front-Lit Channel Letters
  • Reverse Channel Letters or Halo-Lit Letters
  • Front and Back-Lit Channel Letters
  • Trimless Channel Letters


All the different types of channel letters use LED lights for illumination but have other manufacturing techniques during fabrication. 

Non-Lit Signs or Dimensional Letters

Non-lit signs have become an increasingly popular option for industrial or commercial warehouses. Most of these warehouses are within a business park, so attracting clientele during the night isn’t doable due to limited visibility. While non-lit signs don’t have the illumination property, they are still fully customizable to any size, color, or form needed for your business’ logo. The three primary materials used for these signs include acrylic, polyvinyl chloride(PVC), and foam with acrylic faces. Non-lit signs are also a more economical option than channel letter signs while still portraying your brand effectively.


While banners are more often a temporary solution for a storefront sign, they can be a viable option for a business that is just getting started. Banners are fully customizable and can come in multiple different background colors to get your message across. 


How to Decide the Type of Storefront Sign for your Business


Now that we’ve covered the different storefront sign options, choosing the correct type comes down to your landlord’s requirements and visibility from traffic. Channel letter signs will best suit you if you’re a business that relies heavily on clientele seeing your location day or night. If you’re a business owner with a warehouse where you manufacture or ship out products, non-lit signs would be the best option due to your location’s limited visibility from ongoing traffic. Whether you choose channel or non-lit letters for your business, the process remains the same in design and permitting. The most significant differences between the two are the types of materials, fabrication, and installation techniques.

Key Takeaways 

The sign industry is a growing market making it vital to have a storefront sign. They serve as the first layer of your business when a potential client sees your location, and creating a welcoming and attractive sign can help drive them to recognize your company. Both channel letters and non-lit signs are long-term investments, so choosing the right one for years to come is a big decision. If you’re still unsure about what type of sign best suits you, contact us, and one of our sign experts will assist you in choosing the best kind of storefront sign within your requirements and budget.